if at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you

so i think it's really interesting looking at your answers... 
but even more interesting is reading mine from years ago... 
i really don't remember why i wrote down half of them... 
it's very strange. oh well - here they are!

(the ones that confuse me are in red)

A swastika tattoo
-        German
-        Youth group
-        Tom
-        The Good German
-         Saturday night

A new BMW
-        School
-        Dad
-        Accident today
-        Wheel of fortune
-        Tuesday nights

A baby
-        Josiah
-        Shower
-        Pink and blue bed sheets
-        Onomatophobia
-        Helium

A tie
-        A tire
-        Seventh grade
-        Emily and Amanda
-        The mall
-        Youtube

The color blue
-        My film paper
-        Last night
-        Limework
-        Baby blue and hot pink
-        The slide

so yeah. strange. 
anywho tonight i'm only going to post 2 
in hopes that more people will be willing to comment:

Long fingernails


and here's 3 good things that occurred today:
One: i remembered to bring home milk
Two: i got a good amount of work done on my project that's due thursday
Three: i finally put together my magic decks /nerd


i intend to live forever. so far, so good

in my creative writing class years ago, our professor gave us 10 things and we had to write  down the first 5 things that came to mind while reading them. i think it was some exercise in creating poem ideas or something...

anywho, it's interesting looking back on what i wrote... but just out of curiosity i want  to know what comes to mind when YOU read them.

so i'm going to list the first 5 things that she gave us and i want you to comment back with the first 5 things that come to mind for each....


A swastika tattoo

A new BMW

A baby

A tie

The color blue

I'll post my answers in tomorrow's blog. along with the last 5 things


ONE: i got to my art class ten minutes early!
TWO: i got to my video class ten minutes early!!
THREE: i remembered to list 3 good things that happened today!!!


i like work. it fascinates me. i sit and look at it for hours

i realized that i have not been keeping up with my plan to think of 3 good things that have happened each day. i have set it as a new goal on habitforge
along side my goal to blog everyday(also not going so well lately...)

let's hope i can keep this one up :)

3 good things that happened today:
one: i decided to make this a goal on habitforge...
two: i made a great dinner :D
three: i didn't get in a horrible car accident and bleed to death alone on the side of the road!!!


here's a pic for your amusement: